Creating a world powered by grains

Heabron is an agritech company that provide cereal farmers with resources to grow more with less while connecting them to a premium market.

About Us

We believe rural people would cultivate higher yielding crops if they had more access to resources, education, and information services,and market opportunity resulting in better rural lifestyles, a healthier society, and increased food security. Our solution is two-fold: first, we provide comprehensive training programs that focus on regenerative farming practices, improve seedlings, and formal financing. Second, we establish strong market connections, ensuring farmers have a fair and profitable outlet for their produce.

Cereal Commodities (warehousing)

We are shifting the paradigm of conventional and unethical sourcing by aggregating produce in a more sustainable and equitable way into our dedicated warehouse where they are received,sorted and prepared for modern commerce.

Connecting the supply chain digitally.

Heabron simplifies the value chains of grains by connecting agro-processors to our farmers’ warehoused produce in a more easier and faster way removing the need for many intermediaries.

Access to resources

Our model allows cereal farmers access formal financing,training and inputs to grow high yielding crops.



We provide warehouses to aggregate farmers’ produce to optimize supply chain,reduce cost ensuring timely availability of produce and supply chain management to meet demand of modern commerce.


Through our tech-enabled platform we connect farmers to a guaranteed and premium market.


With unique data to each farmer and regenerative farming methods we provide insight to farmers to grow higher yielding crops.


We partner with financial institutions and private lenders supporting farmers to access quick loans.


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